Friday, August 23, 2013

Ironman Canada Bike Set up

The course in IM Canada is quite hilly with over 2,000m of climbing but there is a 50km pancake flat section from 100-150km. My strength is always on the flats, so I'm hoping to make some time up during this section (without going too hard).  If I can find some eager beaver studs,  I'll try and sit in a paceline for the first 20kms of flat at 200watts, then step up for 30kms at 270 watts to try and make some time. I've done too much time at the front of lines so I plan to cash in some chips tomorow for a change and sit in, just for 20kms. The last 30kms into T2 is up a rolling climb, so I will need to save something for there, but I think many are too scared of that climb and will be riding easy on the flats, so my time to shine there! Everyone is going on about how ard the last 30kms will be. 

With that in mind I'm keen to get my bike as aero as possible, which I usually do, but I've learned more tricks as my time in the sport has gone on, so I thought I'd share some of them. Aerodynamics trumps weight on the flat, but it's always a challenge to bring all the stuff you need in case of mechanicals and for nutrition and keep them out of the wind. Here's how I deal with some of the challenges.
The 3T Brezza bars are great and just the right colour for the bike but the cables come out too soon! I tape them up close to the bars to keep them out of the wind.

Custom made between the arms bottle holder from Pete McLeod.  I only use the one bottle holder on race day. Just grab bottles, drink and discard at aid stations or stuff down my top and keep them there. I reckon it's more aero against the body than on the frame.

I always cut the race numbers so they aren't flapping in the wind. I try to keep the sponsors on when I can. Get some funny looks at bike check in but what can they do? I also try to pin bib numbers on my back really tightly, not use a bel. At this race no body number is OK on the bike, so will not wear one. Thanks Jimmy Riccitello for that one! The dodgy draft call you gave me in Honu 70.3 is forgiven.
Under the saddle I have jammed two packets. One is a tube squeezed and taped with electrical tape put longways in from the rear.
The other is the tyre levers C02 cannister and chuck taped with electrical tape and put in from the side. Only thought to take photos after inserting them sorry so no pics of the individual packets.

Finish it off with strong packing tape underneath. Not the prettiest but much faster than those horrible behind the seat things with C02 canisters and tubes sticking out everywhere. I wanted to get the new one from View Speed that is a bag fitted to do the same job of this tape, but it's not out yet.

Woody said never again after I forgot the allen key in two races and got flats, but I reckon I've suffered their pain, time for me to reap the benefits. Will not forget the allen key this time!

No lever sitting in the wind.

5mm allen key in situ.

I take the bottle cages and bolts of race day. Got to get the bubbles out so wind passes over smoothly.

Look Mum no holes!

What the wind sees.....not much. It is so aero the auto focus couldn't find it and took 4 shots to get it in focus!


  1. Where are you carrying the other water bottles? Or do you just have the one on the bars?

  2. The seat customization deserves a note in Slowtwitch!