Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Race Schedule

With the upcoming New Year celebrations it's time to get 2013 races locked in.

With some races selling out in minutes you need to enter them up to 12 months ahead.

I'm trying to maximise my chances to qualify for Kona in 2013, and it looks like I will have 4 bites at the cherry.

So races are:
May 5 St Croix 70.3 (1.9/90/21)
Craig Alexander has raced St Croix many times. Should be cool!

This race is in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. it has 30 Kona slots - one of the few half IM races to have them. It's a hilly and hot race and only 1-2 slots per AG and often ex-pros who don't want to race a full qualify here. Not much chance for me here, but am in the US for a bike fit course anyway and always been interested in this race.

May 19 Bintan OD (1.5/40/10)
Singapore AG stud Assad has won this twice. Aim to get of the bike ahead of him...

This is a famous race in Asia and had wanted to do it for a while. hot and often rainy. We might be in Singapore at that time so is an easy boat ride across. No pros and hope to go top three overall here. Vanessa has a good chance to be first overall female, which would be cool in a biggish race.

June 9 IM Cairns (3.8/180/42)
Macca will be back..

40 Kona slots here. If I have a good day and some luck with AG studs not racing good chance to qualify here. Ness is trying to get into the Half on the same day that is sold out. She might race the full if she can't.

Aug 4 Phillipines Cobra 70.3 (1.9/90/21)
Locals love this race apparently
Heard lots of good things about this race. Awesome location and event. No Kona slots, (only Vegas and we won't take those). Should be fun and good training easy to get to.

Aug 24 IM Canada - Whistler  (3.8/180/42)
New race in Whistler - a bit hilly on the bike to suit me but has 100 slots. In the big Age Groups that means they will have maybe 18 slots and you can finish up to 25th and still get a slot with roll downs. North American races/athletes tend to be slower than Euro/Aus too. Will probably cancel if I get a slot in Cairns. Vancouver is pretty convenient and accom not too expensive.

Aug 31 IM Japan - Hokkaido!  (3.8/180/42)
Toya Marathon is a local race every May. IM Japan will be massive! 

New race, yet to be announced. only 30 slots. Few big hills on the bike. Last race with Kona slots for 2013. Not sure whether to enter/race or not. Hmmm. Going on sale soon and will sell out very quickly.

Oct 11 Kona IM World Champs (3.8/180/42)
Enough said.

Nov 2  Taiwan 70.3 (1.9/90/21)
Always good fun there with the Tokyo crew.
Convenient timing for this one as easy flight from Tokyo and I will be there for the Melb Cup after the race. Hope for an AG win here, Ness going for first AG female she could race pro here and get some cash. Not worth changing though - more fun to win!

Nov 24 Laguna Phuket (1.8/55/12)
Cool race this one.
Have not done this race four times, but mostly before I got faster, and not since 2008, but love it. 2 weeks before WA -got the OK from Woody to do it. 

Dec 8 IM WA  (3.8/180/42)
Busso pier!
We were not going to do this one again but standing on the road with a flat I couldn't fix I promised myself I'd be back nest year. We love the race, location, timing is good and easy flight from Singapore. Ness and I both in.

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