Friday, July 30, 2010


Riding to the final swim practice this morning a car came into view late going into a roundabout and Vanessa didn't see me slow and signal I was slowing (should have bloody shouted out slowing - should have hired a car....). At the last minute she looked up, slammed on her brakes and went over the handle bars. She land on the top of her helmet, and her face went into the road too. She has crushed one of her top front tooth, and the other came almost completely out, she chipped three of the lower ones and has a number of lacerations inside her mouth. Otherwise, thankfully, she is fine. Bike is OK. We spent the day in Bolton and Blackburn hospitals getting stitches, cleaned up and a wire put in to try and set the remaining parts of the damaged teeth. A few more visits to the dentist in Tokyo to come when we return. Due to the common bouts of violence in these parts we had faith in the doctors experience, as we were a the facial until for the area at Blackburn hospital.

She is very sore and swollen and probably not going to race, but she'll check in the bike and see how she feels race morning.

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